the brandbean
We are an integrated agency, experts in growing brands in Latin America and the world. We grow brands.

We are a boutique consultancy, which means that the three partners work personally on every project, from the start until the final delivery.

Hilary and Santiago run a unique team, the strategic experience of the UK combined with the creative talent of Buenos Aires.

We love new challenges, and we always create an innovative solution. We are experts in every aspect of a brand.

we are:


Hilary is our native English team member. She was born and raised in London before spending various years working and travelling the four corners of the world. She arrived in Buenos Aires in 2008 and fell in love with the people and every aspect of Latin American culture.

Hilary is an expert in innovation, brand creation and development, and is passionate about consumer insight and trends.

She spent more than 12 years working in marketing at Unilever, most latterly as Global Brand Director Knorr. Hilary's consultancy experience includes major brands such as Isenbeck, Coca-Cola, Mars and Nestle. She founded the brandbean in 2008.


Born in Argentina's Patagonia, our Creative Director Santiago has a long history of illustration, graphic design and urban interventions, teaching and designing brands with the same passion and originality that he brings to his own artistic work.

Santi graduated in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires, and over ten years later he continues to teach in the same faculty and to develop young creative talent. He is a regular participant in a number of exhibitions, design workshops and talks.


A Psychology graduate from the University of Buenos Aires, Lilian has spent the last 30 years exploring the world of Latin American cultures, consumers and brands.

She has conducted qualititative research in almost every category and country, drawing on a range of different techniques.

Lilian brings a wealth of experience, insight and social context to all of our projects and is an invaluable member of the team.


Graphic Designer and holistic techno-geek fanatic, Fran is our go-to man for all things related to audiovisual, programming and digital design.

Another graduate of the University of Buenos Aires, he specialises in Graphic Technology. An avid sports fan, Fran was a key member of our team on the ESPN identity project.


Seba studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires and has been working professionally for the last 3 years.

Lover of street art, skate, photography and urban culture, he has found in the brandbean a place where he can spend all day indulging his love of design, typography and illustration. Always up to date with the latest visual and graphic trends, Seba lives a life of constant variety and change.

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